Friday, 27 January 2012

my favourite :)

assalamualaikum and hye.hye everyone :D how are you? :) hehe.okay i want to share with you all about me :) so now,as you all knows i'm SINGLE.and seriously SINGLE best wehh :) everything you do theres no under control.tapi takde laa buad benda yang tak baik sesuka hati. i mean,nak hangout keluar dengan siapa je.FREE. dont ask me why i dont have SPECIAL BOYFRIEND.but now i only have my BEST FRIEND.they are my everything.

This is MISKHALIZA MISRAN.yaa.everyone know that she is my best friend rite.i love her and i will always love her :D kalau kitaorang jumpa mesti kitaorang do something fun together :)

This is AMIRA NATASHA.she's cute rite.the most thing that i like,when she laugh.OMG totally cute laa. :) i love you :*


with ALINAA VAUGHN.hey penyu <3  chuwa sayang nyu :D ASHLEYY best friend juga :) now dia dah tembam tapi tetap comel :D

my lover sister. <3 REENA FITRI SYARIAH. kakak,i love you so much <3 muahmuah.

my lovely sister RAZANAH SYAIRAH.kak,seriously i miss you badly kak. :'( i always love you kakak :)

next untuk boys pulak :D

this is my best friend.KIDD DIAMOND :) hey kidd. i love you :D


lovely best friend <3 ISKANDAR :)

AMIRUL IMAN IV.hee.hye bro.this is ANNE ASHLEYY'S boyfriend <3 :)